About Us


Ten10 Clothing is an independent urban clothing brand from Birmingham. Ten10 represents the power of determination, individuality and passion. Our story is what makes us successful. Born and bred in Birmingham, our identity and essence are constructed by who we are as a culture, as a collective and as individuals; we pride ourselves on our heritage.

With 3 years as an established brand, we’re proud to say we’ve worked hard to get to where we are. Our brand speaks for the underdogs. Our founder Tyler Gleeson is the epitome of someone who has proved and is continuing to prove everyone wrong. Taking negativity and turning it into power is what has fuelled our clothing brand and established it to where it is today after so many years. Ten10 is a reminder of consistent hard work and dedication with no limit to our success.

Ten10 has been recognised by industry experts at GQ magazine and was featured in the December edition, 2019. Ten10’s Silver Lifestyle cap was featured in the products section which was recognised for high quality headwear and design. This was a very proud moment for the brand; setting the bar high for their following collections. Ten10 promises to provide quality UK streetwear with meaning for its customers.



To Embrace Negativity & To Give 10/10 No Matter The Situation.  

Below is our YouTube video for Ten10's mini-documentary,