Ten10 featured in Birmingham Mail

As an independent urban clothing brand from Birmingham, Ten10 embodies the power of determination, and passion. Our story is what makes us successful. Ten10 stands for 'To Embrace Negativity,' a message we believe in and intend to share.

Born and bred in Birmingham, our identity and essence are constructed by who we are as a culture, as a collective and as individuals; we pride ourselves on our heritage.

Two months into 2021 and you could say we’ve been doing things right. Since 2018, we’ve been featured in GQ magazine, attracted celebrities and now featured in our local news outlet. Being supported by the Birmingham Mail is a credit to our brand been a Birmingham based company. The article defines us as a streetwear brand that embodies positivity and is driven by passion. From selling t-shirts out of a car to being backed by fashion magazines and profiled celebrities; they’ve recognised our growth and plans for Ten10's future as well as shining a light on our founder.

 Within 3 years as an established brand, Tyler is proud to say he’s worked hard to get to where he is. His brand speaks for anyone who’s ever felt underestimated. The founder Tyler Gleeson is the epitome of someone who has proved - doubters wrong and is continuing to strive and share a positive message. Taking negativity and fuelling it to achieve positive outcomes within his clothing brand. Ten10 is a reminder of dedication and with consistent hard work you can fulfil your dreams.

 Nothing is easy in life, there are no short cuts, there are no straight roads and you will face up hill struggles. But with patience, perseverance  you can arrive at your destination.

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